Another Setback…Or An Opportunity?

I mentioned in my previous post, that, I love my job. I am very fortunate to have a job I enjoy, in a field about which I am passionate. My employer, generously, paid salary to sales reps for the first year. We were all confident that our business would grow by leaps and bounds, and that our commissions would outpace our salaries within a year. Well, this was 2009. As you may have guessed, that scenario did not exactly pan out as we had hoped. So, as we enter our second year in business, and transition from salary to a commission-based pay, I am looking at another hefty pay-cut. Temporary, I am confident, but still substantial.

So, what to do? Cry? Well, yes, but only briefly. Next step is to figure out how to make more money. I could look for another, higher-paying job. I really don’t want to. Maybe I can get a part-time job. I teach yoga twice a week; I can up that to three. That will help a little. I suppose I could get a bartending or waiting-tables job, but with my 45th birthday only weeks away, it’s not a very attractive proposition. Can I make some extra money doing something I enjoy? I enjoy writing. So, I am now attempting to make money with my writing. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be submitting ideas for stories to several magazines. I am also going to try my hand at copywriting.  I’ve always written purely for the enjoyment of it, but being published wouldn’t be a bad thing. Would it?


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