The Economy is the New Weather

Remember the good old days, when small-talk consisted mainly of the satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the temperature and what was coming down from the sky?

“Beautiful day, huh?”

“We sure could use more snow.”

“I am so over this heat!”

“Boy, I’m ready for Spring!”

Today’s small-talk is all about the economy.

“How are things?”

“Oh, you know, getting by.”

“How’s business?

“Slow, but at least I’m still in business.”

“Things are sure to turn around soon.”

“Yeah, I hope so, or I don’t know what I’ll do.”

I don’t think this shift in small-talk is all bad. Money is no longer a taboo subject among friends. It’s no longer embarrassing to say, “Sorry, I can’t afford it.” People who drive older cars are looked upon as smart money-managers. Everyone has someone to commiserate with.The downside, however, is that there is an underlying negativity to this kind of talk. Whether its outright complaining, or simple resignation, most of the talk of the economy is not positive. It is not the kind of discussion that fosters abundance. So, what to do? Use this time to be grateful for the abundance we do have – health, family, friends, a home. Take joy in the simple. And foster an entrepreneurial spirit. My situation has really made me think – a lot- about how to make more money. Use this time to nurture your own creativity, and you will come out ahead.


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