Affirmations – Fact or Fantasy?

I’ve been reading Chellie Campbell’s The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction. The book gives you a specific, positive affirmation regarding wealth, for you to say to yourself daily, in order to bring more abundance into your life. These affirmations have guidelines; they must be spoken in the present. For example, “I have plenty of money,” or “I am a smart money-manager,” not, “I will have plenty of money.” The idea being that, if you speak the affirmations in the future tense, they will always remain in the future. They must be spoken as if they were already true. Sort of the same idea as if you force yourself to smile, you will become happy. Ms. Campbell didn’t invent the idea of affirmations. They have been around for ages, and were made famous by the movie The Secret. There is a distinct difference between the theory purported in The Secret and Campbell’s theory. I didn’t buy the idea in The Secret. To me, the movie said, doing the affirmations is all you need. Sit on the couch eating bon-bons and keep telling yourself that you are a millionaire, and BAM – you’re a millionaire. Campbell stresses that along with the affirmations, you actually have to do something to make them come true; sending out ships, she calls it. That seems a little more feasible to me.

So, still a bit skeptical, I decided to give affirmations a try. I did some from the book, and made up some of my own. I also continued with my other new financial practices, looking at my bank balance regularly, balancing my checkbook, working on a budget, etc. Two weeks into it, I found an account with over $2000 in it, that I had no idea I had. Pretty cool! A week later, I learned that I was taking a large pay cut. Not so cool. Now, what, Chellie? Bag the affirmations as a failed experiment, or continue and see what happens? I am going to continue. Why not? They can’t hurt. I am going to believe that the pay cut is temporary, and will lead to greater abundance in the long (hopefully, not so long) run!

Please check out Chellie Campbell. She’s an author, and a financial coach who teaches workshops and telecourses around the country. I haven’t taken any of her courses, but I hope to….when I can afford it!


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  1. Teresa on

    Keep on writing! Its great,inspiring, and we are rooting for you. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  2. mimi on

    It sounds like you are approaching your problem from a good place. No panic now, but rather taking control of the situation. It can be very scary when bills are not getting paid and people can and do become flustered and emotional, but that solves nothing. The clearheaded approach is far more successful in the long run. The affirmations themselves, obviously cannot solve financial problems, but they can motivate one to get going; find a way; and most importantly, make the money that one has work most efficiently. You are doing fine. I am so pleased.

  3. Chellie Campbell on

    Hi, Alex,

    Thanks for writing about affirmations and mentioning my book – I appreciate your spreading the word!

    When people start doing affirmations, they often experience (notice?) some really great things happen – they find money, they get a raise, a ship comes in from “out of the blue”. They are happy and believe the affirmations are working and life is great!

    Then something negative shows up – they lose a client, get a pay cut, or whatever – and now they don’t think affirmations work so well after all…

    Here’s the deal IMHO: thinking positively puts you in a better frame of mind to take positive action (send out ships). It’s easier to make a sales call when you are hopeful of a good result than to make one fearful of a bad result, see? But success – in money, love, health, or anything – is a percentage game. Successful people succeed because they get a higher ratio of good results than bad ones through diligence, talent, skill, and a positive mind-set that enables them to keep going past the bad stuff in order to get to the good stuff.

    And yes, there is some “magic” afoot as well, as “The Secret” and “What the Bleep” suggest with Quantum mechanics. To prove that, I’ll just say one word: placebo. In medical studies with a group that gets real medicine and a group that gets the sugar pill, BOTH groups improve! And the Reader’s Digest recently reported that a study showed that higher priced placebos work better than lower priced ones. Hah!

    Keep up the great work, Alex. Don’t give up the ship or the affirmations based on any short-term results. Life is a marathon and not a sprint 🙂

    Love and blessings,

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