Gotta Stay on Top of It

I was doing well with my weekly money planning sessions. Then, last week was incredibly busy and hectic. I didn’t do my financial planning session. I figured (don’t figure, it’s very imprecise!) that I had the mortgage payment plus several hundred dollars in the account, so I was OK. When I sat down to do my financial planning this morning….a little short for the mortgage payment….DOH! Don’t worry, we’ll pay it, probably without even getting a late fee.

My point here, is that you must stay on top of your finances, once you commit to doing so. If you let it slide, even for a week, you are leaving it all up to chance. And your money is definitely something you do not want to leave to chance!


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  1. Whitney Wogan on

    Alex, you really nailed this one. I find that if I don’t check in, at least weekly with my finances, they really do get the better of me. On the flip side, when I DO get current on a weekly basis, I feel grounded, know my financial boundaries and deal with my finances much more quickly.

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