Let’s Make a Deal

I have shared the fact that I am behind on my payments to my Home Depot card. As anyone who has ever been behind on a credit card payment knows, they call every day. And every day, I answer the phone, tell the representative that I am having financial difficulties and ask to work something out. For weeks, my efforts have been in vain. One representative offered me a special payment plan, that would bring my monthly bill to $139 a month. He couldn’t understand why I didn’t think that was a good deal, considering that my monthly payment is generally under $100 a month! He said that it was the best offer he could give me since I was a month behind. So, I asked what kind of payment plan he could give me if I brought my account current. His response… “Well, if you’re current, you won’t be eligible for a payment plan.” AARRGH!

This went on for a few weeks. Every day I’d have a conversation with a different collections rep, and every day, I would have no luck. All that changed on Thursday. I spoke with a very nice man, who told me that if I paid $389, and brought my account current, that they would match my payment and give me a credit for $389. Seriously? Yes, he told me, these offers come around periodically, nobody knows when or how long they’ll last. So, I pondered for a few minutes; $389 is a lot for me to shell out in one lump sum. But that, along with a matching credit, will literally cut my Home Depot bill by a third. So, I went for it. He gave me a confirmation number, but I haven’t seen the credit in writing yet. It seems legitimate; I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

The point I am trying to make with this post is, if you have issues with creditors, don’t ignore the phone. Answer it every time they call, tell them your situation, tell them you want to pay, and at some point, they will make a deal. Why won’t they do it in the first place? Who knows? Just remember, persistence pays, honesty is the best policy and facing a bad situation is always better than sticking your head in the sand!


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