In Fits and Starts…

I’ve been at this for a couple of months, and I must admit, getting in control of my money is not a steady, linear progression. There are days that I’m excited and motived about it, and days that it feels like a huge burden. Some days I feel like this blog is helping me, and perhaps others, and some days I just feel like I’m whining to the universe. There are weeks when I forecast and plan brilliantly, and weeks that I don’t do it at all (Sorry, Whitney!). Sometimes, after I post on the blog, I go right to Twitter, and tell everyone to read it. Other times, I wonder why anyone would want to.

Is this just me? Am I a flake that can never finish anything I start? (For one man’s opinion, ask my husband about the womens’ hockey team…) Or, maybe, this is just really hard. Period. There are things that are completely out of my control that thwart my plans. The big tax bill was one. The fact that neither my, nor my husband’s incomes are steady. (He owns his own business, I’m on commission.)

Well, you’ll be glad to know, that I’m once again feeling motivated. I am taking a stay-cation this week, to do some house projects and get re-focused. I just went through our financial files and got rid of a TON of stuff. Stacks of papers from insurance policies we no longer hold, retirement plans we long ago cashed out, warranties for appliances we no longer own, veterinary records for our dogs that died over four years ago! And, man, does that feel good. I literally got rid of 90% of the paperwork that we had filed away. Then, I reorganized what we need to keep.

I feel much more ready to welcome in my new financial life. I have now cleared out the old, and am ready to receive the new. Whatever that new may bring.

Tomorrow, the kitchen….


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  1. Iris on

    I feel for ya! This financial thing is relentless, forever to be managed. Congrats on clearing out old stuff, that must feel good! I was thinking about how, when done mindfully, cleaning and organizing can be its own movement meditation. Then I wondered if doing finances could possibly be along those same lines? Like the poses that drive me crazy, that I feel such animosity for–aren’t those the ones that require the most breath, the least ‘mamas,’ and letting go of my own expectations and perceived accomplishments. In my family, my husband does not have a steady paycheck, and that’s very stressful to me. Maybe I should perceive the situation as a difficult pose I’d rather avoid, but which could help me immensely as an off-the-mat breathing practice. Maybe I’m rambling, but I’m going to try it! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  2. riches2rags2riches on

    Iris, you are wise beyond your years! Love ya!

  3. Whitney Wogan on

    I think of what I once heard about the Apollo missions to the moon. They were off course more than they were on but they kept adjusting and correcting … and eventually they landed on the moon. The point is, like Iris talked about, to keep coming back to your mat and breathing through a difficult pose or coming back into the office after a long absence. Last week, I had every intention to forecast and whad’ya know, life got the better of me. Here it is a week later and I never did get to it. I teach this stuff and I’m supposed to have this nailed down! The reality is: this stuff can be hard at times. The point is to keep correcting, keep coming back to the mat or into your office and keep breathing through it all. There will be days of grace and ease and days of frustration. I hope you keep writing; I love reading it.

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