Cash is King

I’ve been trying to use cash more often, rather than my debit card. The obvious reason for doing this is that it doesn’t allow me to go over my budget. If I have $75 with which to grocery shop, I will not spend $100. It works well.

I have noticed something more happening with the use of cash. I find that I don’t want to spend more. I don’t want to part with my cash so easily. Cash is something I own, that has value, and I find that I am not so willing to part with it. Giving away my cash is a bigger deal than swiping my card. I am willing to bet that I am not the first person to discover this. Maybe this is a stretch, but I feel somehow, that it’s a throwback feeling from the days of bartering – I am literally trading my item of value (cash) for the grocery store’s item of value (food). Swiping a card does not give me that feeling. Swiping a card almost feels like getting something for nothing. I can literally go to the store and buy something with my card, without even having any idea how much money I actually have! (I must admit, I have done that many times, though much less often as of late.)

I encourage everyone to try this. Let me know how it feels to you. It has been another empowering step for me. Another way in which I am forced to pull my head out of the sand. Another step towards the prosperity that I know is in my future!


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  1. mimi on

    I like cash too. Every pay day, I would take my allowance for the month in cash, then I would divide it into four equal parts; one for each week of the month. Then I would place the cash in envelopes marked week 1, week 2 etc. It works very well except when you run into a month that runs into a 5th week. You just have to be aware and plan ahead for that. Not a big deal. The cash for the week keeps you within your shopping budget.

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