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Just a quick post today, to share some of my latest thoughts. I hope you have been enjoying Riches to Rags to Prosperity, and maybe learning something, or getting inspired to do something with your finances. As I continue on my financial journey, I find that other aspects of my life are changing as well. Just as science is now showing that mind, body and spirit are all connected, I am finding that my financial life cannot be a separate entity from the rest of my life.

So, I find myself wanting to write about other subjects. Health, family, yoga, nature, food & wine (the subject of my other blog, VineJoy), are all subjects I enjoy writing about. So, you may find, in the future, posts relating to any or all of these subjects. The general gist will continue to focus on financial topics, but you may find me wandering off-topic a bit more. Because as finances improve, life improves…so, as I’m motivated to write about the improvement of life in general, I will share those thoughts with you.

Thank you all again for reading! If you haven’t subscribed yet, please do. And please pass me along to anyone you know, who might be interested in improving their finances, and their lives!


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  1. Iris on

    Alex, I look forward to reading more! I agree, everything is interrelated. It can’t hurt to infuse a difficult topic with the healthy, joyful parts of your life. Iris

  2. christine on

    I often worried about sounding inconsistent with changing topics on my blog but I think you’re right…like Iris said…Life is a mixture of things….shouldnt our blogs reflect that?

    P.S. I understand how you feel with the economic difficulties. I’ve had some pretty serious career troubles which got worse w/the recession.

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