This blog is an account of a journey through the ecomonic downturn. My family has been hit hard by the recession, much harder than some, not nearly as hard as others. Here, I will share the difficulties and successes I have encountered and am still experiencing during these difficult and strange economic times.

Why, you might ask, would I want to share my family’s financial struggles with the world? There are a few reasons. First, I love to write. Writing helps me wrap my mind around things. Second, I have read many accounts of Rags to Riches stories. They are inspiring, but they are all written in retrospect – after the author has made it through and is living a prosperous life. My story will be written during my journey. You, the reader, will travel the path to prosperity with me. My last reason for creating this blog, is to give people hope. When struggling to make ends meet, it is so easy to lose hope, to feel that nobody else could possibly understand how tough things are. My hope is to not only find prosperity for myself and my family, but to help others get there too.

Please use this blog as a forum. Subscribe to it, forward it to your friends. Please leave comments (anonymously, if you would like), tell me of your successes and struggles. Vent. Leave advice for others to learn from.

And most of all…..Live Long and Prosper! (Quote stolen from Spock.)


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